San Luis Obispo – Monterey – Santa Cruz – Santa Clara

A New Day is Here in California

I am Palmer Kain, and I am here to prove that hard work and true service are alive and well, and that united together we can transform California. I am running for California State Senate in District 17 as the one and only Republican candidate, but I consider myself to be an advocate and defender of the rights, happiness, and wellbeing of all of our citizens.

I respect the pragmatism, strong values, work ethic, and patriotism of my grandfather’s generation combined with a small government that’s sole purpose is to serve its citizens. I have progressive social policies, and also believe in adapting with the times by utilizing modern technology and innovations, promoting sustainability, permaculture and renewable energy, and most importantly providing equal rights and opportunities to all citizens. I am a Man of God, and I am guided and motivated by my faith, but I navigate with reason and deep understanding. I am a champion of the civil liberties guaranteed by the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights, and will defend to the end our right to bear arms, to privacy, and to keep the government out of our bodies, homes and personal lives. I believe that the government has a responsibility to its citizens and needs to be held accountable, and that we as citizens have the responsibility to serve our communities and the State of California.

We are guaranteed the rights to Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness, and I will make enforcing those rights as your next California State Senator my first priority. I am a Veteran, a Christian, and a Conservative, but more than anything, I am a human being. I believe we need to take care of all of our citizens, regardless of age, race, gender, sexual orientation, political party, socioeconomic class, religion, or any other difference that makes us special.

We are united by the common bond of bipartisan action, working together as one people.

This is my home, and I care deeply about the men, women and children in San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Santa Clara and all of our communities. I am running for office to do everything I possibly can to support our residents and families to build happy, healthy, thriving lives. I am sick and tired of watching our current legislators maintaining the status quo and passing legislation that doesn’t help the average person, or worse bending to special interests and big money influences. I am running because I will not rest while one out of four children go hungry, while there are homeless Veterans in our streets, while hard working people can’t find jobs or afford their homes, while our parents and grandparents are denied their benefits, and while obesity, heart disease, and addiction tear apart our communities. I have an Action Plan to make a powerful difference in our district on all fronts.

Throughout this website, you can learn more about me, my plans and policies, and how you can help. First, I would like to share with you My Vision.

I Have a Vision for…

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You are happy and thriving. You are fulfilling your dreams. You have all of the abundance you need to raise a thriving, happy family, the fruit of your hard work and good actions.  It is rightfully yours.

You have excellent, radiant health, eat the highest quality food, and live an active, adventurous, vibrant lifestyle. You have all the healthcare you need just in case. You love your job, your family, your home, your neighborhood, your whole life.

Your streets are safe. Your children go to the best schools, because all of the schools are the best schools. You have all of your essential needs met in spades.You have work that is deeply fulfilling, and utilizes your skills and strengths, and you are paid what you actually deserve. You have all the money you need to cover the mortgage, rent, food, travel, school, and all your needs and plenty left over to invest, save, and use any darn way you please.  You have the time, energy, and freedom to achieve your highest potential as a human being.

Your government serves you. You experience your best version of the American Dream. You, in return, serve your community, your country, and your planet, and live a beautiful life.



I am your next California State Senator for District 17. I have dreamed of serving the residents of California since I was 15 years old and have been working towards this ever since. I am making a difference through active legislation, keeping my promises, standing by my principles, and leading the way for a rebirth of California. I am showing up in the highest expression of who I am, and leading by example. I see myself bridging the gap between Republicans and Democrats, and being a Senator for all people. I see myself getting to know the people of my district personally, to understand your struggles and dreams, and work together to create solutions that uplift everyone. I envision myself as an effective Statesman, diplomat, legislator and leader, and faithfully serving the Office of Senator for years to come.



I envision a return to the heart of the Golden Days of the Republican Party. Republicans are about Family, Community, Faith, Honor and Service. Our party is the beacon for true community values, and a steady, united voice of reason in the political sphere. We stop fighting over our factions and beliefs and align behind our deeper collective principles, and become the united leadership front we are meant to be.

We keep government small and efficient, trim all the fat, keep them out of our homes and away from our rights, and use our intelligence and reason to solve problems.

We honor the citizens that are creating financial abundance through their hard work and want to ensure that all of us keep the fruit of our labors, and that anything we give back is being used to make a tangible difference for our state and country.

We go back to our Grandparents values and work ethic and evolve it to meet the needs of the modern world. We don’t need to compromise our values. We stand behind them stronger than ever.



I see our Democrats and Republicans united for the common good. While I am running as a Republican, I am a defender and representative of all people first and foremost.

I see a reality where progressive social values are honored. The country has to change with the times. Americans are free to enter into any consensual marriage, complete with equal rights, no matter what color their skin is, or their, sexual orientation. The pay gap between men and women is closed. Every Californian has access to safe, affordable, and compassionate health care, from the doctors they choose. The abortion debate ends in support of personal freedom, choice, and safety of all Californians. Patients have access to safe, affordable medical cannabis, no matter where they live in California.

Equal rights and happiness is guaranteed for All HUMAN BEINGS, whether they be Male, Female, Children, Senior Citizens, Blacks, Whites, Asians, Latinos, Gay, Straight, Transgender, Christian, Jewish, Buddhist, Muslim, or any other difference that makes us special. 

We stop focusing on whether a person is a Democrat or Republican and come together to make District 17 a reflection of the will of all people.


Senior Citizens

My grandfather was my hero. All of the most important values I hold to this day came from him. I honor the wisdom and compassion of my grandfather. I honor all of our Senior Citizens. I envision a world where our Senior Citizens truly get the Respect, Support, and Care that they need. They have easy access to all of their medical care and services.

We introduce crucial reforms to how our Seniors are cared for.  We encourage them to live healthy lifestyles and use holistic treatments to replace or supplement pharmaceuticals and surgeries. We bring the compassion and personal care back into our nursing homes, adult day care centers, hospitals, and hospices. We create more services and resources to allow Seniors to stay self sufficient and in their homes.

There is a renewed culture of respect for our elders. They have led the way and laid the tracks for us, and we must honor them. Their wisdom is priceless. There is no replacement for a lifetime of experiences. We treasure this. We make their Golden Years the most beautiful yet, a chance to celebrate the fruits of their labor and a life well lived.



I am a Veteran, and I am dedicated with all of my heart to helping our nation’s Veterans. I envision District 17 leading the way in veteran care, housing, employment, and overall wellbeing. This is a new era of responsibility in regards to the use of prescription medications, that they only be used as a temporary intervention and carefully monitored and regulated to prevent addiction and dependency. Veterans have access to Government-funded holistic and complementary treatment options, like those offered by Non-Profit Organizations such as Holistic Veterans.

The VA is shaken up, revitalized, restructured and repurposed. We take financial and capitalist influences out of the VA and give our Veterans the treatment they need, not what produces the most profit. We cut down the bureaucracy, red tape, and paperwork and a return to putting people first. Never again shall a veteran die waiting in line for treatment.

More than anything, our veterans are shown love, respect, dignity and honor. There mission does not end when they return from service. They are given a new mission, to be warriors for their families, communities, and their planet. Our veterans will be empowered with all the tools, resources, and opportunities they need to live happy, healthy lives, and to continue to serve.


Children and Families

Nothing is closer to my heart or more important to our future than our children and the strength of our families. I have a beautiful vision for the children of California. Every child has a roof over their head, a warm meal, a good education, and someone that loves them. I envision our kids playing in our yards, streets and parks without fear, and parents resting safe at night. Less TV, video games, and Facebook. More family dinners, touch football games, family vacations, road trips and real conversations.

Our public and private schools lead the nation. Our schools free from Police officers, metal detectors, and fear of a classmate coming to school with a gun. I opposeCommon Core education, and support curriculums that nurture the unique skills, passions, learning styles, and strengths of each student. I see our schools free of Fast Food, sugary drinks and corporate interests, and replaced by student-grown gardens, local, organic food, and a culture of health consciousness and active living.

This will not be the first generation with a shorter lifespan than their parents. This children being born now will be the first generation to live radiantly to 150 or more.

Less homework, memorization, standardization, and centralization, and more time for recess, music, art, physical education, life experience and family time. I support curriculum that teaches life skills, entrepreneurship, interpersonal communication, environmental studies, personal transformation, community service, sustainability, permaculture, indigenous wisdom, meditation, yoga, holistic healing, and other skills necessary to build a healthy, happy life.


I envision a new golden age for our communities. Centralization, importation, and separation have been weakening the American community for too long. It’s time to get back to families, block parties, community centers and community service.

We need each other to survive and always have. Our Founding Fathers knew this when they founded the original Colonies. They had to be able to first survive and become self-sufficient before they could have enough resources and security to trade and expand.  

The long-term stability of our state, country, and planet depend on our ability to create sustainable communities. If in an emergency situation we lose the ability to import goods and to distribute them, we would be up a creek without a paddle. In my vision, however, we have thousands of self-sustaining micro-communities. These are built with permaculture, renewable energy, water decontamination, and community supported programs. These communities are permeated with artisan craftsmanship, art and music, local cultures, and a true sense of belonging. Community members know each others names and families, and actively participate in the development and management of their communities. If one community experiences hardships, the surrounding communities can lend support.

By empowering our communities to be self-sufficient and ultimately to thrive and work synergistically, we will lift all of the communities up and ultimately the state, country, and world.


District 17

District 17 is the shining light for the rest of California and the United States. With our majestic Redwood trees, pristine rivers and lakes, endless ocean, and rich soil, God has chosen this land and the people who live here for something very special. Now is the time that we choose to live to our full potential as a people, and use the gifts we have been given here to create real change for ourselves and the rest of the world.

District 17 is the most progressive, evolved, dynamic district in the nation. We are leading the way in education, health, employment, income, and life satisfaction. We are pioneers in renewable energy, science and technology, sustainable development, and permaculture, and innovation in all fields. We have the best schools in the nation. Homelessness is being eradicated. Jobs are being created. Streets are being repaired. Public Transportation is running seamlessly. Our Police, Firemen, and Paramedics are the best in the world, and work in harmony with the community. Our hospitals are serving the people with exceptional person-centered, affordable, compassionate care, that focuses on complete healing rather than just the relief of symptoms.

We are the healthiest District in the nation. Our food is grown in our back yards and local farms, and is free from Pesticides, GMO’s and Corporate influences. Our citizens live active, healthy lifestyles with plenty of time for nature, sunshine, relaxation, recreation, and family. They find plenty of time for Yoga, Meditation, Surfing, Snowboarding, Football, Basketball, Golf, Singing, Dancing, Playing Music, Creating Art, watching great Films, enjoying the beach, mountains, rivers, and forests, and doing whatever brings the most joy and satisfaction. We live and make our livings with our passions.

We have a true opportunity here as in District 17.  Between San Luis Obispo, Monterey, Santa Cruz, and Santa Clara, this is one of the most diverse and dynamic districts in the nation. Let’s embrace our differences and unite together as one people, all 724,244 of us, and take action to make this vision for District a reality.


California is our home. I envision a California that we truly honor and respect as our home. We take the utmost care to preserve and restore our Regional, State and National Parks. We implement safe, renewable energy technologies and use bioremediation and decontamination technologies to clear our land, water, and air. We reduce large scale agriculture and shift towards local and community permacultures, sustainable ranchers, and artisans.

We renovate cities to produce more energy and less emissions and to provide greater self-sustainability. We reduce plastic consumption and other waste through alternative technologies and sustainable initiatives. We rebuild roads and bridges with sustainable and even energy producing materials. We improve our emergency response system so that if disaster strikes, we will be ready with food, housing, money, clothing, medical care, psychological care, and compassionate arms.

We take care of all 38.8 million of our residents. Every Father, Mother, Child, Senior Citizen, Democrat, Republican, Jew, Muslim, Christian, Gay, Lesbian, Black, White, Asian, Mexican, CEO, Celebrity, Short Order Cook, Surfer, Skater, Punk Rocker, Starving Artist, Prisoner, Addict, Mentally Ill, Homeless, and Handicapped Person. We work hard to ensure that every citizen has a roof over their head, affordable healthcare, gainful employment, quality education, resources and support to live happy lives. How can we help you?

California leads the way for the nation. It is one of the greatest economic and political powers in the country and in fact the world. We claim our full potential and rightful position as leaders of the nation and the world, and unite together for the collective good.

The United States

This country is, has been since its creation, and always will be the greatest, most powerful nation in the world. However, mostly due to the greed, fear, and control of a relative handful of people that have corrupted the system, the United States has also been struggling in a lot of ways. I believe that the overwhelming majority of us are hard-working, good-hearted, and God-loving people who just want the best for our families, communities, country, and planet. I envision a United States that truly reflects the will of these good people, for the good of these good people.

The United States is the shining light for the world again. The phrase “I am an American” is spoken with pride and greeted with respect. We have free access to travel without restriction. We honor the great melting pot that this country is with immigration policies that welcome hard-working, good-natured people of all countries.

We replace the Department of War with a Department of Peace. We send a message to the world about Service, Compassion, Equality, Truth, Justice, and Integrity. Rather than invading countries with bombs and guns, we send armies of Peaceful Warriors armed with medicine, food, clothing, clean water, renewable energy, resources, and support. We root the poison out of Washington, purging the White House and the capitol of lobbyists, and special interest groups, and transform Washington into a bastion of righteousness and peace.

America is once again the greatest economic power in the world, due primarily to decentralization and the development of small business, self-sustaining communities, and economic policies that support individual action.  We are the largest exporter in the world, and have dramatically reduced the need to import from foreign nations. The vast majority of our food, products, and professional services come from the United States, and ideally from our own communities.

We 318.9 Million Americans come together, honor and cherish the differences, and unite behind a common purpose.  Together, we make this country greater than it ever has been, greater than many of us ever dreamed of. We are that shining light in the world.



I see World Peace. For real. No more war, dictators, bombs, and guns. Our soldiers are trained to be Peaceful Warriors, defenders and servants of the Community, the Nation, and the Earth. We deploy our soldiers on missions of peace, armed with medicine, food, clothing, clean water, renewable energy, resources, and support. 

We eliminate the use of all fossil fuels and switch to a 100% renewable or free energy economy and transportation. We eliminate large scale agriculture that has been decimating our planet, and has created more CO2 than the entire transportation industry.  We stop all deforestation of the Amazon and worldwide, and switch to renewable sources such as Hemp and Bamboo. We bring water decontamination, permaculture, renewable energy, and resources to struggling peoples around the world, and take down the McDonalds we built earlier. We get rid of the Fast Food and Processed Food and get back to real food. Locally-grown, Organic, Sustainable, Community Supporting, and Nutritious.

We adopt as a people the African concept of Ubuntu, which honors a universal bond of sharing that connects all humanity, and where everyone in the village must be happy for the village to be happy. We are a Global Village. No one will rest until every human has a roof over their head, a warm meal, education, resources, support, and the opportunities to pursue their dreams and be happy. We are One. We are Children of God. We protect, honor, and share wisdom with the treasured Indigenous People and Master Teachers of the world.

The Way to Peace is to create a Culture of Peace, and for each individual to live a peaceful life. We start in ourselves. Once we can be at peace within ourselves and take care of ourselves, our relationships, our families, neighborhoods and communities. Then we bring peace to San Luis Obispo, Monterey and Santa Cruz, and all of District 17, then California, then the United States, then Earth. It starts with us.

All 7 Billion of Us.

We Are One. May Peace Be With You.


Support this Vision

If you believe in the vision I shared above and want to make a powerful step toward making it happen, then please support us today with a donation.

At this time, the support that will most directly impact our ability to run effective campaign is your donations. This campaign is 100% Community Supported, and we rely on generous donations from donors like you to drive our campaign forward.

The money you give is like the seed of the mighty Redwood Tree. I will plant that seed. I will feed, water, and take care of that seed until it grows into a Redwood. Together we will grow a forest with our service and good works.

What I Believe In


I believe that real change is possible for California, and I believe that I am the right person to lead the way for District 17.

I believe in being of service. I believe the true definition of a warrior is someone who takes care of the elderly, the children, the family and the community. I believe in personal responsibility and the power of free will.  I believe that each one of us has an opportunity to step into a higher level of service for our California communities and for planet Earth.  

I believe as a planet we can overcome the challenges of Climate Change, Homelessness, Poverty, Joblessness, Disease, Obesity, Pollution, War, Corruption, and so many other issues by working together, instead of fighting each other. I believe that necessity is the mother of invention and that the crisis itself facilitates and catalyzes the transformation.

I believe in the strength of my faith and connection to a higher power. I believe we are all children of God – Republican, Democrat, Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Woman, Man, Black, White, Gay or Straight. As such, I believe in the sacredness of all life, and that we have a responsibility to each other as brothers and sisters. I believe we all want a better world for our children. I believe we all worship different expressions and understandings of the same God, and that we must as a race end this worship of the Almighty Dollar and return to God.  I believe in the power of Love to overcome all obstacles.

I believe the police department should be defenders of the community and work with the citizens, and that innocent hard working people should not have to fear violence, abuse of power, or traffic tickets on the way to work. I believe our doctors and psychiatrists should value “do no harm” above all else, and put the care and healing of their patients above the bank accounts of the pharmaceutical companies. I believe the food we are eating should be organic, GMO-Free, locally grown, sustainable, readily available, affordable and creating jobs.

I believe the government is meant to serve the people and the United States is meant to lead the way to the Light and peace for the whole planet. I believe Washington needs to purge itself of lobbyists, special interest groups, and big money influences, and get back to its original principles and purpose. I believe our taxes should be funding the development of our state and country and not repaying America’s debts to private corporations and foreign nations. I believe government should be small but mighty, and serve the will and highest good of the people and the world.

I believe we as Californian’s have what it takes. I believe that District 17 is one of the most progressive and influential districts in the country, and that the choices we make together will reverberate and change the face of the world.

Why I Am Running Now

I am running now because we are at a pivotal moment in history for our District, state, country, and planet, and action is needed! I am no longer willing to sit and watch the Republican Party be torn apart from within and California struggle with these critical challenges. The time is now! We need to make a major shift in how our government is operating on all levels, and create a system that empowers citizens to reach their full potential and live happy lives, rather than one that drains and punishes its citizens. I am running now because we can’t afford another 4 years of the status-quo my opponent has forced on Californians. I’m ready for life to get better now for all us, and to do something truly spectacular with the opportunity we are being given in this time.

Why Your Vote Matters

Your vote is really all that matters. Why? Because the vision that I shared with you will not happen if you do not vote. If I am not elected, you can expect another 4 years of all the struggles and stagnation California has faced for the past two decades. I am ready to take action. Now it’s time for you to take action. I am here to lead a district of leaders, not followers. By voting, you take a stand and make your voice heard, and use your God-given right to choose. Your free will is the greatest gift you have. Your vote matters. Your life matters. Use it for the greater good of District 17, California, the United States, and Earth.


So many people complain about the problems, pontificate about solutions, and do nothing. I’m not one of those people. And if you are reading this right now, chances are, you’re not one either. You are a person of a character, integrity, honesty, and action. I am too.

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About My Opponent

While my opponent and I differ on the issues, I have always believed that he is an honorable man. For 22 years, he has served his position well. But I believe it’s time for a change. A big one.

I am not going to run a negative campaign about my opponent. He has brought in some useful pieces of legislation and served faithfully over the decades. However, in my humble opinion, and from what many California citizens have shared with me, this has been an administration of the status quo. Not good, not bad, just sufficient. Sufficient is no longer sufficient.

California needs to do more than just survive. We have an opportunity to thrive. All of us. Every man, woman and child.

If you vote for my opponent, rest assured you will see another 4 years of what you have seen in California for the past 22 years. I don’t know about you, but I see a lot of problems/opportunities that should have been solved 20 years ago. I’m not willing to wait anymore.

Vote for Palmer Kain, and together we will shatter the status quo and transform California!

Why am I running as a Republican?

I am a Republican. But more than anything, I am a human, and I am here to fight for and represent all people.

I am running as a Republican because I love and still believe in this party. I also believe, largely as a result of watching the circus that has been this Presidential race thus far, that a lot of the GOP has lost its original moral compass and principles. I am running as Republican because I believe I can help to guide this party back to the principles on which it was founded, and make being a Republican something to be proud of again.

Many of my social policies and personal beliefs many would consider to be more progressive. Fortunately or unfortunately, we are still in a two party system. Politically and Economically, I greatly favor a Conservative approach. In regards to social policies, civil liberties, and foreign policy, my views tend to be more Progressive. It is because of this I know that I can bridge the gap between the two parties and be a true candidate for the people.

I believe, like Abraham Lincoln, that a Cabinet should be made up of diverse people with diverse opinions. The right decision is the one that benefits all of them and they can all agree on it. I am adopting this philosophy to my campaign and ultimately my cabinet.

One of my campaign advisors has worked with College Republicans and has consistently advised Republican campaigns. My other campaign advisor I would bet has a life-sized Bernie Sanders cutout in his living room. Amazingly, we all find a common ground and a united vision, because it is focused on the good and prosperity of all people rather than party lines or interests. I intend to make my cabinet diverse and equal opportunity with regards to political affiliation, race, gender, sexual orientation, socioeconomic class, and lifestyles. My office will have an open door and I will create online and in person opportunities for citizens to share their perspectives and let their voice be heard.

I am the one and only Republican candidate, but I believe I am the best candidate for Democrats and all our citizens as well. Let’s drop the bipartisan nonsense, rhetoric, and propaganda and instead have a real conversation as human beings, and create solutions that serve the greater good of all of us.

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